Well, my 6 chicks plus 4 ducks is now 13 chickens and 3 ducks.  Sadly, the little black duckling didn't make it.  We went to the chicken expo this past weekend to buy some egg-laying ducks.  They had seven little chicks left, and even though I only planned to come home with 3, somehow all 7 did. (But they were on sale!!!)  My mom agreed to take a few home when they are big enough to no longer need the heat lamp, so let's see if she sticks to that.  (Please?)

So they are:
6 Cornish Rock
1 Easter egger (if female, will lay blue/green eggs!)
2 Silver laced wyandottes
4 Buff Orpingtons
3 White Pekin ducks (I believe that's what they are)

Look how much they've grown in just a few days time!  I hope they don't outgrow my kiddie pool.  They will have to go back into the rubbermaid container.  The shed won't be built until the end of March. 

I have almost finished repotting all my little tomato transplants from the little greenhouse to their own peat (or plastic) cup.  They are sitting outside underneath the carport right now.  In the next few days, I'm going to try to harden them off.  Do you need some tomato plants? Because I've got plenty.

I've already planted the corn; it hasn't come up yet.  Onions are doing well and so are the peas.  The bare root strawberry plants that I got from Lowe's and from Fred's are not coming up.  They were DOA.  So I bought some from Gurney's like I do every year (because for some reason I forget to take care of them in the fall and they all die!).  I hope they come in soon so I can get them planted.  I am digging up the grass in the next garden bed.  I was lazy today and didn't get it all finished.  Tomorrow will finish that and till it up, add compost, and either seeds or tomato plants.

Rhino has learned how to touch his nose!  Then he sticks his finger in it and picks at it.  He even decided to pick mine today and found that to be hilarious.  I guess this isn't taught; it's just what boys do.

Also today when I was digging up the garden, I came across lots of worms.  I picked one up and showed it to Ryan.  He was a bit nervous because he didn't know what it was, but he did touch it.  Then he wiped his finger on his pants.  Guess it was slimy.  I wouldn't know; I had my gloves on. (You think I would touch that with my bare hands??? Yuck.)  If all the worms are any sign, that means my garden has some great soil.  There were at least 2 worms every square foot. Woo hoo.