I started my seeds indoors for this year's garden.  I have tomatoes, bell peppers, and garden berries.  I use a variety of sources to obtain my seeds, Baker Creek, Blue Ribbon Tomatoes, wintersown.org, and the local Lowe's.  I put them in my little seed starter greenhouse on February 10.  Saw my first little sprouts on the 14th! Yay! Every day more and more come up.  I'm so excited.

However, I seem to have some kind of grayish-white hairs growing on them.  It seems I have a mold problem.  I've opened up the top of the greenhouse to let it dry out a bit.  I need to get a fan to put on them to keep the air circulating.  I sure hope that I don't lose my little seedlings to mold! Cross your fingers that it will go away!

Some of the tomatoes I have planted are:
1. Caspian Pink
2. Bonny Best
3. Delicious
4. Scarlett Topper
5. Arkansas Travelers
6. Bloody Butcher
7. Brandywine
8. White Currant
9. Riesentraube
10. Kellogg's Breakfast
11. Tlacalula Pink
12. Viva
13. Green Zebra
14. Calf's Heart
15. Goliath
16. Persimmon
17. Barnes Mtn. Yellow
18. Matt's Wild Cherry
19. Black Krim
20. Pineapple
21. Campbell's Soup #19
22. Black Prince
23. Coyote
24. Mortgage Lifter

Wowsa! Didn't realize it was almost 25!  I thought I had seeds for my old standby, the Beefsteak, but it seems I must of used them all up last year. :(  So I need to get out and buy a pack of them so I can have a guarantee homegrown tomato this year.  Last year's garden did not go so well so I hope to redeem myself this year!

I'm not feeling well today.  Maybe tomorrow this stomach bug will be gone and I can get my booty in gear.  I was really hoping to plant some peas this week, but that didn't happen.  It is a bit too late to plant them now, but maybe I can make it!

Once more of my little seedlings are up, I'll post pics of my plants. I am hoping that at least some of them will survive to be put in the ground.  I am thinking that I am going to plant the beefsteak seeds in a different container and hope that the mold won't get it too.