Stuff for the new baby

August 9, 2011
Here's a few things for the little brother.

My first Christmas onesie

newbie hat and booties
Snowman hat and booties set

tuxedo onesie
closeup of embroidery
Tuxedo onesie

Yeah, I've been having fun with the embroidery machine.  Stay tuned for more!

Just a smile :)

August 2, 2011
At the end of the day, is there anything more rewarding than watching your child go to sleep with a smile on his face?

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July 31, 2011
Wow. Did I totally abandon my blog or what?
Oh well.

The chickens didn't work out so great.  So my mom took them off my hands.  I kept the ducks, but the raccoons ate them.  I had one remaining duck that went to live with the chickens at my mom and dad's.  Supposedly the chickens are producing eggs now....Hmmm...wonder if I could take them back now...

My Little Rhino

Rhino seems to learn something new every day.  And I am totally fascinated and in awe of him.  Today we went to a birthday party at...
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Duckfish Farm

March 16, 2011
Well, my 6 chicks plus 4 ducks is now 13 chickens and 3 ducks.  Sadly, the little black duckling didn't make it.  We went to the chicken expo this past weekend to buy some egg-laying ducks.  They had seven little chicks left, and even though I only planned to come home with 3, somehow all 7 did. (But they were on sale!!!)  My mom agreed to take a few home when they are big enough to no longer need the heat lamp, so let's see if she sticks to that.  (Please?)

So they are:
6 Cornish Rock
1 Easter ...
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Here Chick, Chick,Chick

March 11, 2011
Guess what we got! A half dozen little yellow fuzzballs. Let Rhino introduce you.

He was really excited that we got to bring them home. 

And then, today we got 4 little ducklings to join them!  Here's the whole crew!


The little black duck isn't doing too well. I hope he makes it through the night.

It seems though when we go back to the store and Rhino looks at the bunny rabbits, he looks at me like he wants to bring those home too.  I don't think I'm ready for that!

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Rhino goes potty

March 9, 2011
Well, Rhino has decided that he wants to use the potty.  He's been doing pretty good this week.  On Monday we had a pretty dry morning and put the diaper back on around lunch.  This morning he went potty first thing, then around 10 I took him to the bathroom because I thought he needed to pee.  Well, turns out, he did, but he also needed to go number 2. So yay for catching that in the bathroom.  Although I have to say, cleaning a dirty diaper is a lot easier than having to clean a darn potty ...
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Rhino's better and I've got peas!

March 3, 2011
I took Rhino to the doc yesterday because he wasn't feeling well.  Both ears were infected and his throat was red.  With the fever, coughing, and runny nose, the doc assured me that he needed an antibiotic.  Rhino got a shot, and I really think if they didn't make him lie down first, he would be okay with shots.  But that whole "lie back while Mommy holds you" just screams "RED ALERT!"  His fever went away about 8:30 last night and hasn't shown its ugly face today.  And Ryan has been playing ...
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The Gin Show

March 1, 2011
This weekend we went to Memphis with my parents and brother to the Gin Show!  We had a really good time visiting with Mamaw and Papaw and Uncle D.  Although Rhino did not sleep well the entire time!  He still is having problems getting to sleep at night.  I am thinking that he might be having problems with allergies.  We started Allegra today so we shall see...

Here's a pic of Rhino and Uncle D! Rhino wasn't in the mood to take pictures. (Imagine that!)

But boy did he have fun playing in those ...
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The Adventures of Rhino

February 25, 2011
On Sunday Rhino got a new car!  It was the display car at Toys-R-Us and they had it marked it came home with us. :)


This week Rhino has been to the movies to see Gnomeo & Juliet.  He didn't care for it too much.  About 40 minutes into the show, he fell out in the middle aisle and refused to get up to watch anymore of it. 

So we left the theater, and since we were already at the mall, we rode the carousel. Rhino rode the dragon! 


After that, we came home and Rhino got to eat some c...
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Garden Update

February 25, 2011
Today was a great day out in the yard.  It threatened to rain all day long making it super humid out there, but what do you expect? It's Louisiana!

Rhino woke up and had bananas and oatmeal for breakfast. Eh, he likes it.  Then we headed outside for the day.

I marked off the yard to show where my garden will be.  Oooh, this is the first year I will have a garden that won't be in the flower beds. Yay!  I made four 4'x8' rectangles each 4 feet apart from each other.  That way, my hubby can still ...
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