My little boy loves him some Toy Story! Especially Buzz.  He babbles and talks all day long, but you can't understand most of what he is saying.  But he will point to Buzz Lightyear and say "Guts."  I have recorded Toy Story on our DVR, and today, as I was flipping through all the recorded shows to find something to watch, I passed by Toy Story.  Rhino saw the little picture in the corner of the screen and pointed and said "guts."  I told him, no, not now.  So he goes and picks up his Toy Story shoes and points at the picture of Buzz on the shoe, then points at the tv. "No, we are not watching Toy Story," I say.

He was more than upset.  Crying, screaming, upset.  I am shocked that at 16 months old, he is already putting all this together.  I told him to hush up his crying and give me a hug.  We ended up watching Toy Story.  I know, I know. I'm such a wimp.  I let him throw a fit and get his way! Oh well.  He did end up sitting and watching the entire show!  Which is amazing since he won't sit through any show longer than the intro song.

Toy Story isn't that bad.  I think I'm okay with my son's obsession with Toy Story and "Guts."  Hey, it's better than Barney, the big purple dinosaur, right?