Well, Rhino has decided that he wants to use the potty.  He's been doing pretty good this week.  On Monday we had a pretty dry morning and put the diaper back on around lunch.  This morning he went potty first thing, then around 10 I took him to the bathroom because I thought he needed to pee.  Well, turns out, he did, but he also needed to go number 2. So yay for catching that in the bathroom.  Although I have to say, cleaning a dirty diaper is a lot easier than having to clean a darn potty (and I cloth diaper! lol)

Today we went to lunch at Peking, then to the Tractor Supply store, and to Hobby Lobby, and Rhino's diaper was dry!  We came home and I forgot to take him to the bathroom before going outside and playing and well, it wasn't dry anymore.  But that's okay, I just need to remember that I can't expect to remind him to go to the potty if I am chatting away on the phone.

Tonight after dinner Rhino was playing in his room and I was watching tv.  I couldn't hear what he was doing anymore, so I went to find him.  He wasn't in his room so I walked into my room and into the bathroom.  There he is at the toilet.  Apparently he didn't make it in time to the bathroom by himself or couldn't figure out how to get those darn underwear down because they were sagging with poo!  If he had a diaper on, he would have known to undo the velcro.  (He's done that lots of times!)  He had a look of "oh crap" on his face like he knew he did something wrong.  I just told him it was okay and took his underwear off and cleaned him up. 

Because, really, it is okay for him to poo on himself.  Isn't that what he's done his entire life?  And at 17 months old, he is doing pretty darn good for himself to even be attempting to use a potty.  I have realized that he doesn't like to be praised or acknowledged for using the potty.  Sometimes I even have to leave the room for him to be able to relax and do his business.  It's pretty difficult to potty train a pre-verbal child.  It would be nice if he could say, "Mom, I can't pee with you standing here looking at me. Get out please."