So my lil Rhino has had the stomach bug this week.  Sunday when he woke up, we could tell he wasn't feeling well.  He wanted to lay around all day and didn't want to eat.  We did manage to get something in his stomach by suppertime. Boy was that a mistake!  Around midnight, he threw up in the bed. Yuck.  I changed the sheets, washed him up, put him back in the bed, and then he did it again!  Finally after changing the sheets again, we got to go to sleep.

Last night was the first night this week that we haven't had to change the sheets! Yay!  He's getting better! 

Before I became a parent, if you had told me that one day I would wear someone's vomit and not be furious with that person, I would have told you that you're full of it.  Aaah, the joys of parenting.

Looks like I need to go. Rhino's bringing me an empty cup expecting me to fill it for him.